“Spear Garden” by Thom Tate

Blake MacKay is a ghost, working for the CIA in a department that doesn’t exist.Blake’s mission: to kill Hector Vasquez, a Cuban General whose gun running business went from tolerable to problematic in the eyes of the CIA. In doing so, he uncovered a plot against the people of Belarus that would be more deadly than the terrorist attacks on 9/11. A deadly new weapon, capable of launching a devastating arsenal at a rate of one million rounds per minute is about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting crowd of thousands celebrating the opening of Belarus’ first Nuclear Power Plant. As he digs deeper, he finds that it involves people from Al Qaeda, multiple political and commercial organizations within Belarus as well as those deep inside his own country. The plot, designed to overthrow the Belorussian government, would make millions for those involved. Blake finds that his progress is being blocked. Someone from within his own ranks is working against him. Someone he trusts. With all leads exhausted, Blake seeks out one person; the only person that can help him. The last person on Earth that would ever want to do so; the daughter of the General he recently killed. Can he gain the trust of the woman he betrayed? Can he stop the massacre in time and find out who the traitor is? Spear Garden is a “can’t put down” novel with thrilling rides of unsuspecting twists and turns that takes him from the Caribbean, to the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The devastation that Blake endures at the end will be the fuel that drives him forward for years to come.  CIA3
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