‘Series of Events which let to the murder of Rajesh Patidar’ By prof panda

This is not the story about a guy name Rajesh who lost his job and got depressed and a month later committed suicide, this is the story of a “series of events” which led him to that final decision to drink the hand sanitizer and kill himself. This is the story of unethical things companies do to get profit no matter the impact on the people and society. This is the story of corporate greed which pushed him over the edge and killed him, yes my friend this is the story of corporate greed.

I am calling this a story, not the truth, and instead of directly using names of the company involved, using names like hospitality chain company (HCC) Riding Service (RS) and Food delivery partner (FDP), just for the sake of legality

This is a story of a boy who got a job in a Riding service company and settled in Mumbai and later got a place to live in an HCC, then COVID enters his life, first, he lost his friend, then place to live and in last after losing an argument over incorrect food item he discovered something which pushed him over the edge and got him killed.
police investigation declared it a suicide but it’s still unclear it rose many questions like why he committed suicide, why there was a sign of forced entry, and why there is a sign of force on the body…….

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