‘The Risen’ by Art Saguinsin

In the Medieval Europe , the Carolingian kingdom dominates almost half of Europe as kingship is being contested by the heirs to the throne. In the kingdom of France, the warrior king is succeeded by his young and gallant son, but the Queen who is the subject of an aggressive mystery man with a dark motive is obsessed with the former and makes a daring attempt to take her. But the mystery man is an enemy. In effect, he turns into a wild -horrible look as he attempts to take the Queen as the Dark man succeeds in his evil schemes . The queen conceives and gives birth to a mystery man’s son. The beast ( Dark man) is killed and resurrected after a hundred years to lead an organized occult in the advent of a new age. The story tells it all. A hundred years later, the Dark Ruler is unchained and risen from his lengthy confinement inside the casket. He gets his way out. and as inspired by the ruler of the dark world he treads his way to establish a group of mesmerized followers. He is invincible and has with him the dark power to conquer the world. He creates stunning wonders and even flaunts himself as a man of light. He gets signs and wonders to convince many but some are not because they understand the testaments. The succeeding chapters refer back to the written.

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