‘Return To Earth’ By M Drewery

James was on his way home after bailing on his dad after an argument. He’s expecting a tense situation when he sees him again. However he never makes it because instead, he’s abducted by aliens.

Rather than just experiment on him and return him home with a story the tabloids would eat up, the aliens who abducted him reveal that he is going to be made a slave and in the blink of an eye he’s whisked across the galaxy.

Alone and scared James must summon strength he never new he had to figure out how to escape the aliens who hold him, the Zetsca, the most powerful race in the galaxy.

However it’s not that easy. A galactic war is happening all around him, a vicious alien leader wants to eat him and something is wrong with his brain, after one of the alien’s experiments on him goes disastrously wrong or maybe right? He doesn’t know yet and he hopes he doesn’t have to suffer too much in order to find out.

While escaping his alien overlords James meets new friends, a girl called Erika, who was also abducted and has been with the Zetsca for years. He also meets an alien race hell bent on destroying the Zetsca, even at the cost of their lives and a whole planet.

James ultimately though gets his own space ship, after a death defying escape and a chance to Return to Earth.

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