‘Replenishment’ by Steve Schaefer

I’ve written a story/script which includes 937 teenagers from around the world. I’ve selected around ten to bring to the forefront of the story – leaving 927 appearing only as background statistics in various chapters/scenes. More information is available at www.replenishmentstory.com

My goal is to have other authors create a character in one of these 927 locations and write a story about that specific teenager.  The story can be from the point of view of the Teenager, Their Friend(s) , and/or Family.  The only stipulation is that local geography, government, infrastructure, and resources be used. Of course any author could pick a location and create a story, but I think it is more important for someone living in the selected location to write.  That way the author (1st Timer or Seasoned Professional) can realistically create authenticity in their work. Storyline: What lengths would you go to protect your child from Aliens hacking through the internet like a “hot knife through butter” and selecting young teens based on their medical, scholastic, and genetic profiles, While families, organizations, and clergy protest – governments become helpless pawns, forced to do the bidding of this sinister race.

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