‘Predator in Flames ‘ By Kari Henry

Aiden was once a hitman who hated himself. Laurier was his “employer”. Laurier was like a father figure to Aiden. Laurier manipulated Aiden to go into the business because of his own greed and knowledge of Aiden’s skills from the military.
Aiden decided he was finally done with that life and wanted to start fresh. But lies have a way of catching up to you.
Aiden had done some horrible things but always ended up defending himself, saying he had his reasons and he just wanted to protect himself and the ordinary life he was trying to rebuild.
Aiden pissed off some people, including someone from his past who hired him to do a job Aiden ended up refusing to do.
That is when Katherine is hired to kill Aiden. She is an incredibly skilled hitman.
She watches Aiden for months. Learning everything there is to know about him.
She ends up teaming up with him. Not because she pities him. She has her own survival in mind.
They end up bickering constantly. Especially Katherine. They end up falling for one another, but don’t end up admitting it. Katherine refuses to get involved with him because she is focused on her own survival, something she has always put first. Aiden ends up betraying Katherine in the end by lying to her about something that is incredibly personal to her.

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