‘Philanthropist: The world we did not know!’ By Lyall De Viana

A brother and a sister embark on a terrifying journey of not only studying the most notorious mass murderers in history, but meeting those murderers face to face with the use of advanced technology…

For Blake, it was a chance to meet some of the people who made history, albeit in a bad way. What made them tick? Could they explain their crimes, those atrocities? What was in the mind of a man like Jack the Ripper or Hitler? Could they justify their actions? He and Kate had always had this desire to collect rare artefacts and fine art objects. For Kate, it was a chance to help further study the human race, a part of her earthly mission.

Blake and Kate have always been very close. Kate has a few secrets up her sleeve, and at the beginning of the story Blake is none the wiser. Even though she has used a wheel chair since that accident when she was a child, Kate is actually able to walk and move, and this is just one of her sinister secrets.

A more sinister secret is that Kate is an alien, one of a race called the Guardians, and her earthly mission is to study the human race and try to assist before humans destroy not only themselves but their planet (Planet D1, known to us as Earth).

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