‘Pangea crossovers’ By Anthony Payne

So the story goes like this. The reader will follow the footsteps of John O’Brien a former game warden who has quit his job in Kenya and is now living as a hermit in blackwater state park, Florida panhandle. He is constantly living with nightmares because it was on that last job that he lost his entire family. Suddenly rips and the timestream start appearing throughout the world allowing prehistoric species from the oldest fossils recorded to more recently extinct species to pour forth and spread throughout the world. Power goes out globally and people start to panic. These spatial anomalies also begin to transform the landscape, thus causing land masses to rise up out of the ocean and creating a spider web version of pangea. To make matters worse, a prehistoric mosquito has come forth, and several of these little insects are carrying different strains of various prehistoric diseases that as the reader will come to find out only 10% of humans have an immunity to. How will John and the rest of the people he saves survive? And what is the deal with this terror corporation that is taking an active role in possibly weaponizing these dinosaurs and other creatures with a new strain of rabies?

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