‘Palm Reading’ By Maya Berlyavsky

People may be surprised to find that the palm of their hand will point to events beyond their reach, reveal the main lines of character and hint at future events in their lives.
It would not be right to say that the future cannot be changed.
Suppose the person faces a crossroads. The path on which it goes branches in two different directions, three directions.
He can turn to go there or there.
Two or three options.
Wherever he goes there.
We definitely should do our best, depending on the circumstances.
There are many methods for predicting the future. Some will surprise you with their exactness.
Tarot, astrology and numerology, Gypsy cards.
Palm reading is one of the methods for predicting the future.
A person who can predict the future means he can change it.
It is customary to say: “The future is in your hands.”
Here we will learn about the shape of the palm, the main lines: the life line, the head line, the heart line and the fate and the secondary lines.

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