“Fata Morgana” by C.A. Ruel

A secret demonstration using a synthesized human to save a plague-stricken planet goes awry when the rescue ship, the Fata Morgana, disappears. One man aboard her must overcome his fear of what lies beyond the void if humanity is to survive.   Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 2,000 votes remaining 50 […]

“The Guardian Program” by Cassiopeia Lancaster

Distrustful and detach psychologist, Katherine Hayley Bellerose starts to juggle handing the guardian program, and for the first time being a guardian to Jade and learning to trust a former lover who betrayed her for another woman eight years ago and who also happens to be Jade’s adopted father. Arrogant and know-it-all CEO Archival Davide […]

“Walk-In Investigations: A Spirit’s Oracle – A Paranormal Detective Mystery” by Joyce Kostakis

Walk-In Investigations novel is like Ghost Whisperer meets Cagney & Lacey and is the first in a planned series that takes readers of detective novels to a different level with a paranormal twist. When Detective Katie Hanson woke up in the hospital after her suicide attempt, she could never have imaged that the decision to […]

“HipHughes Teacher Tips” by Keith Hughes

  I’ve tweeted out over 1k TeacherTips on Twitter and have received a lot of media attention. I am also a huge YouTuber with 5 million views as well as being on two cable shows and blah blah blah. I see a book as the next step and this seems do-able. Any way you could […]

“The Accident” by Pierre Herholdt

  After a weekend with his friends, Mason Henderson returns home but while on his way, his friend accidentally hit someone which also made him lose control of the car and hit a tree with the only real person who is injured is Mason.Waking up in the hospital, next to the girl they hit with […]

“Kepler’s Man” by Resha Damania

    Summary: Extraterrestrials from Kepler 96x are in search of planets in the goldilocks zone when they discover Earth, a lonely planet with no life.Their mission is to create hybrids and use them as labour for reasons they don’t think necessary to share with the ‘insignificant ‘hybrids, they call ‘creations’.  When the first hybrid […]

“My Humble Journey” by Don Blakely

Synopsis can be seen at http://www.donsopinion.com/my-book-2/A series of over 130 song lyrics ( http://www.donsopinion.com/category/my-book/song-lyrics/ ) about my life, each one followed by an explanation.   Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 1,000 votes remaining 50 votes – Production self-help guide 125 votes – Platform self-help guide 200 votes – Promotion self-help guide […]

“Moirae” by Mehreen Ahmed

Following the stream of consciousness technique and embedded in dream allegory, Moirae depicts human predicament exploring notions of fate and religion. Taken from a fantasy land in a parallel world with two moons, called the Lost Winds, this story is about human oppression under a tyrannical regime which calls itself democratic. To flee persecution, people […]

“Forgotten” by Dameon Rose

Chapter 1It is unseasonably warm for a early April day in 2015, while driving to the courthouse the trees were half green and half brown with a touch of summer in the air. This is normally the same route I took on a daily basis up Mormon Coulée road past the growing hospital campus was […]

“Billionaire’s Love” by Elizabeth White

  A force pushed her against the wall, his body crashed into hers, her hand pushed against his chest. His chest was smooth, and his leans muscle was hard as a rock. His vibrant eyes looked at her. He leaned closer to her. She can feel his breath on her skin. He glided his tongue […]


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