“2Heroes” by Joshua Johnson

Every war has its heroes, on both sides.An unnamed top level assassin (senate appointed) has been in Burntstone for several years, on an undisclosed mission that he completed within the first month. He has to wait to hear from the Senate as they send a messenger whenever the next appointment is. Senate approved assassins have […]

“29:16:04:59” by Joshua Johnson

When someone turns twenty-six on their birthday they disappear into the city’s center to never be seen again.  Jackson Aims is only a month away from his turning. Without a memory, no one understands what is happening. Thousands only manage to survive in a broken metropolis, awaiting their eventual fate. Yet, Jackson has been gaining […]

“The Life of a Child” by Michele Aleman

Watching your mother get beaten, Molested by a family member, Stalked by a stanger, Raped by an acquaintance before 18. Lost only parent at 22, lost oldest child at 24, and shot in the head at 39 in a hunting accident. I’ve been fighting depression most of my life, been on medication, spoken to many […]

“Unwritten Love” by Angelica Carlin

Elijah Blackwood came into my life like a Guardian Angel.. He was dark & Beautiful.. I was drawn to him as I’d ever been to anyone in my life. I was flawed and damaged.. But Elijah also had demons of his own. The bonds of our love transformed me, even as I prayed that the […]

“The Board” by Scott Hudson

Doctor’s Lance Gregory, Matilda Evans, and Alex Craven comprise what is known as the Final Treatment Board of Physicians. Their job is to sift through the various patients who have meandered through the labyrinth of social workers, courtrooms, and treatment facilities and recommend only those truly hopeless patients for what is known as “FT” or […]

“A Journey of Faith A Sweet Water Mountain Mystery: Book 1” by Ann Harrison

Twenty-eight year old Becca witnessed a tragic accident at the age of twelve. Sixteen years later, She embarks upon a Journey that she believes has somehow been chosen for her by God. During this journey, she hears a voice in the back of her mind crying “God Help me!”, as memories that she didn’t understand […]

“Primeval Soup” by Michael Whateley

Stephen leaps up and dives for covers as a plane swoops out of the air barely missing his boat. He had been enjoying a relaxing fishing expedition with a few beers after a busy summer season. But as he rows across to look for survivors his gut instinct tells him that his holiday is over. […]

“You’re My Everything” by Ashley Oakes

Emily Vandern is a fashion show make up artist as well as seamstress. It’s been a crazy couple of months for Emily. She broke up with her boyfriend Liam DeCassle just 5 months ago. Now with fashion week setting up, clothes getting designed and fixed up, and make up designs on each model still getting […]

“Reckless” by Zeke Kuenzi

Law. A man above the law. Lawrence is a certifiable psycho vigilante, with a penchant for justice. What is his goal?A day comes when a man becomes a soldier in his war, a laborer for his belief. To realize such a fantastic goal, a normal, safe life at home must be sacrificed. Law is willing […]

“Clavicus” by Alexander Mcdaniel

Its about a young man who tries to find what he fights for in a land of war. It starts off with the disappearance of his father who was his villages battle master which is their leader. Clavicus the protagonist of the story becomes a legend in his country of Isgar while learning more about […]


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