“Primeval Soup” by Michael Whateley

Stephen leaps up and dives for covers as a plane swoops out of the air barely missing his boat. He had been enjoying a relaxing fishing expedition with a few beers after a busy summer season. But as he rows across to look for survivors his gut instinct tells him that his holiday is over. […]

“You’re My Everything” by Ashley Oakes

Emily Vandern is a fashion show make up artist as well as seamstress. It’s been a crazy couple of months for Emily. She broke up with her boyfriend Liam DeCassle just 5 months ago. Now with fashion week setting up, clothes getting designed and fixed up, and make up designs on each model still getting […]

“Reckless” by Zeke Kuenzi

Law. A man above the law. Lawrence is a certifiable psycho vigilante, with a penchant for justice. What is his goal?A day comes when a man becomes a soldier in his war, a laborer for his belief. To realize such a fantastic goal, a normal, safe life at home must be sacrificed. Law is willing […]

“Clavicus” by Alexander Mcdaniel

Its about a young man who tries to find what he fights for in a land of war. It starts off with the disappearance of his father who was his villages battle master which is their leader. Clavicus the protagonist of the story becomes a legend in his country of Isgar while learning more about […]

“Victoria Road” by Lindsay Doyle

The story of a life of a teenager in a domestic violent relationship – It’s my true story told from a third person.   Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 2,000 votes remaining 50 votes – Production self-help guide 150 votes – Platform self-help guide 300 votes – Promotion self-help guide 500 […]

“Miss Popular and Mr. Right” by Linda Yassine

Meet Emma. Her school ‘Seclaireve Academy’. She is one of the it crowd people, Head cheerleader. Every girl wants to be her. Her life? There’s no other word to put in through but perfect. Her past? let’s just say it turns her into an emotional mess. Yes, she’s Miss Popular. That won’t stand for long […]

“The Sender” by Bushra Satkhed

The story traces the life of Jennifer Storms, a classy 15 year old girl who lives a normal-happy life with her family in London. Having amazing parents, fun friends and a perfect life, Jennifer has nothing to worry about. Until one night which changes everything. The night of her last day of school, she receives […]

“Rebel Thirds” by Jillian Torassa

After the End of All Things, The Ten Colony Council enslaved all of the Third Class Citizens (the Smarts who helped destroy the world) in order to protect the more upright members of the dwindling population.Jade Doe is one of these Thirds, learning to control her inherent Knowledge so that she can redeem herself by […]

“Sealed” by Christian Lee

If you shot yourself in the head, you would die, right? What if you shot yourself then came back to life just a minute or two later? That’s what happens to Ashton Thorn in Sealed. While still lying in the muck that resulted from shooting himself, Ashton learns from his grandfather, who seems at that […]

“The Colossus of Rhodesville” by Andy Kubai

Compared to technological behemoth of a megastore, shoppers and employees seem like grit on the wind. But these stories, human stories, are the beating heart that fills the void where the concrete, steel, and plastic end. A collection of loosely interlinked tales, The Colossus of Rhodesville explores the soul beneath the dog-eat-dog corporate world, examining […]


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