“The Beatific Vision” by Christian Lee

When scientists land on Mars, Pietro Sodano, a religious researcher and a news correspondent specializing in the Holy See, realizes that most every mystery has been explained by science, excepting that of what takes place after death. What if he has wasted his entire life studying religions that were all hoaxes? Are all religions legitimate? […]

“Turning Alice” by Pierre (P.J) Herholdt

Alice Black is a eighteen year old girl who doesn’t get to meet much people. She’s a big loner who reads books all the time, but everything changed when she met Valin, a girl that made her perform at the talent show and took away her shyness … Now a big adventure awaits the young […]

“The Fate of Nations: F.I.R.E. Team Alpha Book One” by Raymond Chilensky

The Fate of Nations: F.I.R.E. Team Alpha Book OneIn the year 2104, the world is again at war. F.I.R.E Team Alpha, an elite team of genetically enhanced soldiers, is fighting a war to keep mankind from being enslaved by a brutal, authoritarian global government centered the bastardized remains of the European Union. The United States […]

“ENDURANCE: How I survived a lifetime of chronic insomnia.” by Rex Jamerson

This is the story of how I endured a lifetime of chronic insomnia. It is also a story of juvenile delinquency, stolen cars, high-speed police pursuits, a shooting, the Mafia, rock ‘n roll music, and a search for truth. In addition it is also a record of triumph in overcoming many health problems through diet, […]

“Watchful Eye” by Alicia Schmidt

Bring was a simple girl, living a shadowed life. For what she had, she was happy. She had her dogs, bartending job and everything she needed to stay hidden. Everything will unravel before her eyes when one stranger wants to kill her and another saves her life, revealing secrets that would completely change her. Vote […]

“Amulet: The Last of the Truth” by Andrew Paradis

Andrew was a normal kid, before he got transported into the world of Amulet, where animal people exist, elves rule and something else is coming for him. He finds refuge in the Resistance and in a girl named Emily… Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 2,000 votes remaining 50 votes – Production […]

“You Caught Me” by Sarah Baroom

I had 10 seconds to decide if I’m going to be the victim or be the one he feared. Amber just moved from London to a fashion university in America. Her dad made her live off campus, because he thinks someone can drug her. Little does he know, his worst fears are about to come […]

“My Blasted Destiny” by Stephen Ross

There is a young man named Allen and he is picked to sign the death oath (a contract that states that you will die for the sake of mankind but you die right there and then and someone has to sign every 4 years) but he survives and goes off to join a school for […]

“Death by Pop Star” by Sam Tumblin

“Death by Pop Star ” is a mystery story about a pop star that started out at the bottom and rose to fame real fast. As you can imagine with any success the fame and glory all came but this multi platinum selling music artist life took a turn for the worst when he is […]

“Until We Meet Again” by Hera Mackiernan

What is it like to communicate with the world of spirit? In between the pages of Until We Meet Again, Psychic Medium Hera Mackiernan tells of her journey living with the gift of sensing and seeing the spirit world. Beginning with her experiences as a frightened child, and moving through the stages of her life, […]


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