“KILL THE INDIAN” by Christine Javid

Mahlon Sakima can’t stop watching his father’s thirty-year-old murder on video. His father’s political activism for the Ojibwe Nation got him assassinated on campus, while standing next to a Lincoln statue, and now a professor at the local college wants to write a book about him. She thinks his father was a hero, but Mahlon […]

“SILVER” by Iyanah Charles

Caleb is about as fine as a man could get, with his beautiful features and massive strength, cunning, and is every lady’s dream. highly intelligent, and can make anyone fall for him in a heartbeat. He’s known for his twisted and misbehaved and slick ways, but seems to get away with it all.But all his […]

“PRETTY” by Sonya Burrell-Pearl

Taboo Topics Teens Experience.  A book about teenage sexual exploration, self esteem, suicidal, and racial issues.  Brittney Boudreaux is a popular senior in high school and Jeff Bourgeois is a nerdy but athletic high school senior as well. Jeff has always thought Brittany was so pretty however Brittany is more interested in a young man […]

“The Five Warriors” by Angela Ford Now Published!

Available on Amazon: The Five Warriors by Angela Ford What if your best friend started a rebellion in the middle of war? What if your lover awakened a deep evil and helped it grow? What if your people were too cowardly to face a battle? What if you gambled with the fate of the world? […]

“No Rest For The Wicked” by Benjamin Springston

It is a book about a wealthy playboy, Ian Brandt, who during the day fulfills others dreams by making them millions. The night however, is a different story. While he sleeps, (or thinks he is sleeping) Ian is actually committing nightmarish acts of violence against the people of Chicago.   Vote for this Book Idea […]

“Taxis for The Mob” by Carlton Page

Archie is an average Joe with the profession of a cab driver in the 19th century during the days of speakeasys and mobsters. After Archie ends up saving the life of a notorious crime family’s Don, the Don makes him an offer he couldn’t refuse, which is to invest a lump some of money by […]

“Alice Black: the Darkness Begins” by Pierre Herholdt

Follow a young girl who discovers that her whole life has been a lie, she discovers a new life which is actually old, meets new people, but everything changes when someone she knows very well starts to turn dark and against her, what will she do with the help of her best friend,mother, brothers and […]

“The Beatific Vision” by Christian Lee

When scientists land on Mars, Pietro Sodano, a religious researcher and a news correspondent specializing in the Holy See, realizes that most every mystery has been explained by science, excepting that of what takes place after death. What if he has wasted his entire life studying religions that were all hoaxes? Are all religions legitimate? […]

“Turning Alice” by Pierre (P.J) Herholdt

Alice Black is a eighteen year old girl who doesn’t get to meet much people. She’s a big loner who reads books all the time, but everything changed when she met Valin, a girl that made her perform at the talent show and took away her shyness … Now a big adventure awaits the young […]

“The Fate of Nations: F.I.R.E. Team Alpha Book One” by Raymond Chilensky

The Fate of Nations: F.I.R.E. Team Alpha Book OneIn the year 2104, the world is again at war. F.I.R.E Team Alpha, an elite team of genetically enhanced soldiers, is fighting a war to keep mankind from being enslaved by a brutal, authoritarian global government centered the bastardized remains of the European Union. The United States […]


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