“DAYLIGHT:a harry styles fan fiction” by iyanah charles

Sarah is a girl, a special girl. An she can’t stand her parents. Her mom is a slut, an her dad is a drug dealer. One night she plans to runaway when she meets harry. He helps an cares for her. She knows him from school. They never really talked. She gets a crush on […]

“Chicken, Rice, and Broccoli” by Noah Spevak

A basic autobiographical story about myself growing up in Southern California. Dealing with the issues of anger and ADD, being miss labeled throughout life. Relationships throughout my twenties and the struggle my family goes through deals g with my mom in law school, then being diagnosed with cancer. Following a marriage, the death of my […]

“A Journey Completed” by ian cunningham

My manuscript is a love story about a young girl who has to leave her native Ireland in search of work in Scotland in the early 1940 s.Before her departure she meets and falls in love with a local boy.They planto meet up later and marry.However circumstances do not allow this and the relationship ends.The […]

“The Good And The Forbidden” by N.R Moore

Amy is your average popular teen and she’s known for volunteering for popular organizations after school. Ted is not your average teen. He’s a bad boy known for fights, and spray painting of vacant buildings and subways. Ted was on the verge of being expelled from school, but principal Gordan believes in second chances so […]

“Lemonade Kiss” by N.R Moore

Lily Ann moved to a new town with her six year old daughter Brittany after her husband was killed in a line of duty. After a year in a half of grieving, Lily Ann decides it’s time to move onto a fresh start. After settling in their new home. Lily Ann decides to have a […]

“YouTube : TheRealYouTubeStory.com” by Eric Skaggs

YouTube : TheRealYouTubeStory.com by EricSkaggs.com is the true story of how Eric Skaggs gave Chad Hurley the entire idea for YouTube from domain name to exit strategy and everything in between in exchange for a promise of one percent of the $40 billion company. Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 2,000 votes […]

“Timothy Alexander And The Red Winged Dragon” by N.R Moore

Timothy Alexander is an eleven year old school boy living an average life or at least he thought. Timothy was on his way to school for an recycling effort, when he was captured by a huge squirreling cyclone; and taken back to an unknown underworld castle the Kingdom Of Legaonna. When he arrives, Timothy discovers […]

“How are you, today?” by Asem Mohammad

This book discusses some real life issues and provides tips on these issues as pertaining to wellness Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 2,000 votes remaining 50 votes – Production self-help guide 150 votes – Platform self-help guide 300 votes – Promotion self-help guide 500 votes – Author Assessment 700 votes – […]

“KILL THE INDIAN” by Christine Javid

Mahlon Sakima can’t stop watching his father’s thirty-year-old murder on video. His father’s political activism for the Ojibwe Nation got him assassinated on campus, while standing next to a Lincoln statue, and now a professor at the local college wants to write a book about him. She thinks his father was a hero, but Mahlon […]

“SILVER” by Iyanah Charles

Caleb is about as fine as a man could get, with his beautiful features and massive strength, cunning, and is every lady’s dream. highly intelligent, and can make anyone fall for him in a heartbeat. He’s known for his twisted and misbehaved and slick ways, but seems to get away with it all.But all his […]


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