“My Blasted Destiny” by Stephen Ross

There is a young man named Allen and he is picked to sign the death oath (a contract that states that you will die for the sake of mankind but you die right there and then and someone has to sign every 4 years) but he survives and goes off to join a school for […]

“Death by Pop Star” by Sam Tumblin

“Death by Pop Star ” is a mystery story about a pop star that started out at the bottom and rose to fame real fast. As you can imagine with any success the fame and glory all came but this multi platinum selling music artist life took a turn for the worst when he is […]

“Until We Meet Again” by Hera Mackiernan

What is it like to communicate with the world of spirit? In between the pages of Until We Meet Again, Psychic Medium Hera Mackiernan tells of her journey living with the gift of sensing and seeing the spirit world. Beginning with her experiences as a frightened child, and moving through the stages of her life, […]

“Dark Secrets” by Alicia Schmidt

The entirety of her life, Allara White has lived somewhat normally. Her simple life included her two brothers and her best friend. Though her life seemed simple, things began to fall apart when a mysterious being entered her life. Allara would then be plunged into a world where nothing is as it seems and there […]

“The Spirit Bottle” by Bibiana Krall

Lady’s Island is renowned for its crumbling plantations and salt marshes that stretch for miles. Gracie, an unapologetic tomboy, longs to understand her place. Everything is complicated when ye vows, to never be like them.Her best friend Gus, loves her like family. All his spare time is spent on her back porch, or chasing after […]

“When Shadows Crossover” by Lu Carvalho

Cam Gilmore is brutally murdered. The circumstantial evidence points to his ex, Lia DiPiazza, a striking forty-something who has a history of mental illness and survived years of marital abuse.Manny “The Bulldog” Sousa is the quirky and charismatic Boston detective leading the investigation. Instinctively, he knows to look for another killer but without leads, Lia […]

‘EH’DEN FALL : Book 1 of The Jason Brightday Chronicles’ by Paul Long

  Available at Amazon in Paperback and Kindle: Eh’den Fall (The Jason Brightday Chronicles) Humanity’s destiny is a fragile thing. Like the course of a river, it too can be altered. With enough time and effort that is, but who would want to and why?  Not the kind of question a sixteen year old boy […]

“The Wild One” by kim howell

The book will be an a count of a a young girls sexual a waking from the age of 14 till she is 41. It will list the men and emotions very vividly. Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 1,000 votes remaining 50 votes – Production self-help guide 125 votes – Platform […]

“Streams of Memories” by Rebecca Sharrock

HSAM (or Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory) is a rare condition where one is able to recall every day of their life with fair to perfect accuracy. Prior to the year 2011 I didn’t understand why most people can’t remember their days of being a baby in a crib, or when they struggled to walk as […]

“Tired of Looking Down. I Want to Start Looking Up.” by Trish Perez

This is a non-fiction type of book, but with fictional characters. About a girl and boy who try to keep their relationship even though the girlfriends parents did not approve of it. Their Romeo and Juliet moment turned from loving and wanting to do everything to be together, while helping the girl become a better […]


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