“Robin” by Gracie Wilhelmus

Who ever said that only men could live in the forest, never saw this coming.Meet Robin, the mysterious foundling of Locksley in 1170 while England was under the reign of King Henry the Second, the father of the famous King Richard and Prince John. Even from the age of a few hours old Robin was […]

“Chanelled Literary” by Natalie Kingsbury

A book that is written by a psychic medium who is able to channel president abraham lincoln. The book will be filled with code language in a writing style that has small to long passages all written by chanelling Abraham Lincoln. Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 1000 votes remaining 50 votes […]

“THE LEGEND LIVES” by Stephane Fanfan

The hole point of this is a boy who bring hope between two states one called cystnall which mean darkness and another state called fohrj which means light and the boy name is barloc but here is a like the start i wrote IN The begging there was 1 king name Acestes ruled north wilder […]

“Mike and Bob” by Nathan Fehrman

In the distant future, earth is ruled by a kind british emperor and technology has advanced a lot. 18 year old Mike lives his life as earths greatest crime stopper, and 32 year old Bob lives his life as the president and maker of the worlds advanced technology. Both of them are best friends and […]

“The Dream Walker Land of Mystica Series” by Michelle Murray

Once upon Mystica there were six wizards, three light and three dark. One day one if the dark wizards Midnight says a spell to trap the fellow wizards. The spell goes astray, and all the wizards are trapped in stone. Now one curious boy finds one of these stones and releases Midnight. Midnight is loose […]

“Brazen Song” by Carolyn Hunter

“Can You Hear It? The never ending song of brass, isn’t it lovely? Let it consume you, your soul your heart your mind everything”In a post apocalyptic universe, run by a corrupt government scrambling to get rid of a strange and unknown virus, sit’s little Andrew.”Can You Hear it?” Only standing at about 5’3 he […]

“Audrey” by Carolyn Hunter

“I don’t want you to forget, but I don’t want you to remember either, I just want to go on forever with you, I don’t want it to end. But I guess one can’t always get what they want, huh? I’m afraid of disappearing, becoming nothing. I bet everyone is afraid of that in the […]

“Secrets in the Wind” by Tammy Moe-Riley

A woman, married with two small boys. Her husband, an abusive alcoholic who arrives late one wintry night gets the SUV stuck in the snow and passes out in the cul-de-sac. After a long night of delaying the snow plow long enough to dig the SUV out. Park it in the garage and clear the […]

“Baggage Claim” by Lauren Elizabeth

“One Direction? Not going to happen, the media is right when they say that they only care about the fame and fortune…” That’s what’s Madison Hastings thinks at least. It’s simple, why would she like those self-centered jerks? Especially Niall Horan, he’s the most stuck up and conceited in the entire band. She absolutely despises […]

“The Orphan War Part 1” by Logan Pritchett

Is a fantasy book takes place with sword flintlock pistols and magic there are certain people in this world of ordoas that have been blessed by the wizards of old time wizards are a dying breed anymore because of the invention of gunpowder and weapons such as air ships but in the past there were […]


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