“The Orphan War Part 1” by Logan Pritchett

Is a fantasy book takes place with sword flintlock pistols and magic there are certain people in this world of ordoas that have been blessed by the wizards of old time wizards are a dying breed anymore because of the invention of gunpowder and weapons such as air ships but in the past there were four legendary wizards one was for air the other water the other fire and the last was earth when they died they cast there magic into the stars and when some children are born when the stars or the world conditions are right they will come out with one if the four abilities there are still wizards around but there magic is weakening since no one practices it anymore and knowledge is lost there is a Great War going on between two nations haven’t thought of a name yet but in both nations children with these abilities are taking and trained to be soldiers they are trained to be the best of the best some children escape that fate and flee with there families there is a special branch of people that hunt these people done the main story to these is that there is a child the is born with the earth ability and is trained for this war but he wants no part he remembers his grandfather telling stories of adventure and of magical beast he finally escapes and flees with all of his training and equipment he soon finds himself with a group of airship pirates that oh around and take out a plunder other warships from both nations and on this air ship the female captain had the air ability had she has hidden a griffon on the ship the man soon learns that he is getting the adventure of a lifetime and money as well until the shadow hunters come for him after fleeing they dodge the hunters and finally get to plunder a warship were they come across an artifices of old the boy puts on the ring and the ring bounds with him given him markings and increasing his earth abilities now I know an earth warrior in the air sounds stupid but with his increased power he soon learns to bend and control metal now the pirates have an ace up there sleeves but the artifact was for one of the great Generals of one of the battling nations he then soon finds out what happens then sends his own squad of super soldiers that make shadow hunters look like normal soldiers the generals soldiers are called adaptives they are ninja like using swords poison and hand signs to use magic of old now the young man has really got an adventure of a lifetime there are also golems that are created big and small to human size made for war now the young man must chose to either help one nation to get of of the hunters off of his back or help neither and try to for a his own military to free the people from the war torn world that they have to live in if people like the sound of this book please help me get it published or at least some more feed back I would love to make this world in my head come to life I have so many ideasAlso the boy does try and for is own military to help the people and picks up tons if help and maybe there are some wizards going to help him as well as long as he sets up a school so magic can be learned and grow more powerful and also a shadow hunter joins his rank to train a strike team for special ops but every ability fire, earth, water, air can do more than just what they say water people can make ice fire people can do lava earth you all ready now metal air can control lighting there is also still creatures of old lurking around but most have been lost in the war or are being used for the war there are also enchanters that can create golems such as a dragon golem with cannons and can breath lighting or ice or fire enchanters can also enchanted weapons and peoples bodies to make them stronger or channel more magic ability with markings similar to tattoos they can even make guns enchanted to where they with never have to reload if you are fire or air only there are tons of different classes this is just a taste of what is in some of this world so please please help me bring this world to life this is all I have ever wanted in life  T1_green
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