‘Ocularum: The Artifacts of Lumin Book Two’ By Alia Luria

What if we had to take a 600 year break from technology to save the Earth? That is the backdrop to the Artifacts of Lumin series. Advanced technology, all of which is derived from the electrochemical properties of plants, has become nothing but myth to most of the populace of the planet Lumin, but to those who keep the secrets of the past, a war wages between those sects that think it’s time to turn the lights back on and those that think the planet needs to be preserved at all costs.

The Clerics wish to protect and limit the use of the Network so as to preserve the planet. The Druids believe that only by activating the Network fully will humanity find a way to solve their power problems permanently. Two factions work for the same result, but will they ever get along?

Three friends, fractured. Mia hears the trees and feels them, desperate to heal the planet. Cedar, now partially blinded, has walked the path of peace since birth but grapples with a growing rage boiling in his blood. Both have chosen their side, and Taryn, their former friend, has seemingly chosen hers, but all three must face their past betrayals as they try to understand the truth and their roles to come in the future of the planet Lumin.



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