“The Niburian Sequence: The Return of the Red Planet” by Gary Furnas

In the last book The Niburian Sequence, imminent doctor of archeology, Susan Woolsey, discovers evidence that thousands of years ago, homo sapiens were genetically engineered by an off world civilization from the planet Nibiru. The news creates a firestorm of controversy threatening the stability of various world religions and governments. Nefarious secret societies vie for the hidden knowledge that would enable them to manipulate humans for their own twisted agenda. In the next sequel, The Return of the Red Planet, Dr. Susan Woolsey is faced with and even more daunting task when another sacred burial tomb is discovered in the mountains of Peru. This prompts the Niburians to return to our planet after tens of thousands of years. To what end, Susan is afraid to even contemplate. Is she up to the task of being Earth’s ambassador to our oldest visitors? What will she discover about her own human history? The very future of human civilization may depend on this historic confrontation and she is at the forefront trying lead our species to a greater understanding of ourselves and the universe around us.
The Niburian Sequence-The Return of the Red Planet
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