‘Netherlands Movie Scene’ by A.D. Smith

In this short story, two lovers in their mid and upper 30s find themselves on the beautiful streets of Amsterdam on a night that should have been full of love and good company but rather ended up as a trivial quarrel over what seems to be the use of an umbrella (he towering over her and not protecting her freshly done hair from the rain; they squabble over who gets to hold it, etc.). Failing to compromise over something so ridiculously simple, they dive into the nearest bar, order one drink and the female main character storms out without notice, eyes welling with hot tears over her partner’s indifference towards her and silent treatment given in the space. Because they were supposed to be going to a nice dinner together and they were driven over there by a cab, the story sweeps her into the Netherlands streets, aghast over his insolence but also clueless as to where she’s going with no cell phone service (not that she cared). She’s in her best red dress in skinny stiletto heels, traveling as fast as she safely can over the cobblestoned walkways – looking for another place to dive to escape him as men watched her attempting to hide; somewhat childishly hoping he would find her and halfway hoping he wouldn’t. This sets the movie scene that likely should’ve never happened in the Netherlands – of two better than young lovers fighting over pride and egos, chasing and being chased in the alleys.

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