‘Marijuana Heist’ by Kutlo Radipabe

“Marijuana is a useful catalyst for specific optical and aural aesthetic perceptions.” -Allen Ginsberg

An animator student Oliver is content with his high life of smoking marijuana until a dry spell occurs in the beginning of the year. He stays in South Point on the heart of Braamfontein, Johannesburg where most students come to stay for their studies far from home, him and his friends were experts for smoking marijuana. Oliver is well respected for his artists brilliance and enjoys his animation work, as well as coding websites in his room, and creating animation images for a Facebook page which he ran along with his friends. His high life turns back from upside down when he finds a mysterious stranger on a social network with information he was so long looking for- Where was the confiscated marijuana been taken too, and she claimed to know. He introduced this stranger to his friends who they ran the Facebook page together only to find that she is, in fact, the girlfriend of an academy cop on training who were guarding a warehouse where all the confiscated marijuana all over South Africa is locked up. Kim is a sweet young girl from a rich family, she studied botanist just so she could get a better understanding on marijuana she is an amazing dancer too, despite her boyfriend joining a police academy she cultivates smoking marijuana with passion, she has a story that she loves telling when she nearly got expelled for writing a thesis on marijuana, but that was part of studies- to examine plants and write a thesis on them, she is a girl who knows what she wants, and never stopped until she had it. Donna is the only girl in crew with 4 guys, and she bonds very fast with Kim’s arrival. As Kim became comfortable with her new Stoner friends, she finds herself strangely drawn to the kind and caring Oliver after spending some time together, but she must be careful. Surely Oliver could never like her because she has a boyfriend, but he is just too cool, too kind, and too interesting.

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Things are just too perfect when they are together, Oliver made her laugh and her feel good about herself, what she liked most was they shared a lot in common. Kim is puzzled by Oliver’s nature. He is very passionate about marijuana, he hated the dry spell more than anything and became very eager to find a way to liberate the marijuana from the warehouse. Somehow his passion appealed to Kim, she feels she understands him because they were both Aries, and their desires are somewhat the same. She takes Oliver to see the warehouse to fulfil his curiosity but it didn’t, instead they begun planning a way in for their satisfaction. ‘What Stoner wouldn’t want to liberate over 20 tonnes of weed from the police.’ After some weeks of planning and getting Kims boyfriend involved as an inside man, the plan is introduced to the rest of the crew, but on the day of their well planned heist Oliver and Kim kissed when the rest of the crew unexpectedly walked in on them along with Kims boyfriend. Driven mad by this betrayal, Hishaam’s charged at Oliver, which nearly became a messy fight, after a couple of minutes they resolved the issue – at least they thought they did. Everything proceeded smoothly as planned, they entered the warehouse without raising any alarm, the rain worked to their advantage that night until an expected turn of event occurred, they had to escaped the warehouse immediately but Oliver and Kim got left behind, when the guards noticed there was breach Oliver decided to act as bait while Kim escaped, to his luck he bumps into Hishaam as the guards swamped the warehouse for anymore suspects, Hishaam showed him the only safe way out of the warehouse which was leading him to a trap, he saw his chance for revenge and used it, Hishaam was very glad when the chance presented itself, Kim was already out and Oliver was the only one left, since revenge is a plate best served cold, Hishaam did just that. In actuality, Kim never escaped, she came back for Oliver but got caught before he could find him, when Hishaam saw the guards bring her in to where Oliver was captured he left the scene, he couldn’t stand watching his own girlfriend coming back for him. The rest of crew proceeds with the contingency plan, they drove to Johannesburg to where the D.Day 420 party will be taking place, the event is hosted by the Marijuana Political party, it’s the same party that helped to free marijuana cultivators if they happened to be arrested for possession of marijuana, they called the process ‘Join the Q’ Oliver and Kim survives and were freed after a long weekend in a court hearing, however the were found guilty but theirs charges where reduced to a few months of community service. After their release Oliver got expelled from his school for the use of marijuana, and was never given a chance to pitch his big presentation he had prepared for weeks. Good news came when the leader of the Marijuana Political party offered the whole crew a great job to run a marijuana campaign on their behalf. Still fighting for the freedom of marijuana usage, little did the know that the ramifications of their fight will be felt forever and Marijuana will might be legal in South Africa.



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