‘MANIPULATION MAGIC’ by obiakor uchenna

“Manipulation Magic” is a book that reveals how smart student can get to achieving academic success. It reveals how some students get the scores they want. It is a book that reveals the loop holes to success. Many students settle for average or fail because they don’t know how to create, the Magic to academic success. What they do not know is; things unknown has the power to control but what you know you control; in other words, what you don’t know might destroy you but what you know makes you a success. This book reveals to you laws apply. Because when you apply these laws you reap its benefit. It is not only by being brilliant that will makes a lecturer or teacher to give you want you want. Even if a student is a dummy, he can get what he wants from his teacher or lecturers by applying the principles in this book. The principles in this book can work for anybody who applies secrets revealed within, irrespective of being brilliant or not. The supernatural controls the physical, therefore when you tapped from the supernatural laws and apply it; you get the result in the physical. When you understand the powerful secret in this book you can recreate every situation to work in your favour. You can use it to control your fate to your advantage not to your disadvantage.

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