“Life of me.” by Tyler Austin

I want to write a book or have someone write a book about me or kids like me that stay at home and school most of there life on computers that play video games and show how life everyday is non-predictable and how a nerd or geek could possibly find relationship. In the book the main character never reviles his name til the very last sentence of the book. Tyler is my name a a 17 year old senior thats 5’11 im 160lbs skinny with some muscular attribute in the arms and chest. and most kids that are geeks or nerds are scrawny or fat kids. just stereo types preview of what i have been writing below.  Life of me.What do I do every day? I ask myself this in English 4 of my second period class, as I wonder if my teachers looking. Today I have an ACR contest at Greenville Tech a college not too far for my house. What’s ACR you might ask yourself Auto Collison & Repair. Yes, I fix and paint cars at school. But other than that what do I do…. Ahh that’s right I’m a geek? No a nerd… maybe both I honestly don’t care what people want to call it but just know I play with computers and video game consoles. I haven’t worked in a week but that’s good means more time for me and my computer. I know I know you’re like this guy gets no girl which in fact is true. I love to flirt with them but I can’t find the right one. Of course if your like me then you know exactly what I mean. You want that girl that plays computer games with you that livestreams with you the one with the gorgeous smile and the one that you can mess with that can handle the jokes, which of course she’s going to mess with you as well. Oh yea I totally forgot to tell you I work at a computer shop who would of guessed. As my second period bell rings me and my best friend Dakota walk out of class and head to his car. As we get to his Mercedes Benz, what a beautiful car as I will always think about we both think about where to eat, contemplating whether if I should start working full time because you know with me being a senior having my life right in front of me, the possibilities are endless.
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