‘Life is a Dream’ by Parker Wilhelm

TITLE- Life is a dream

STORY LINE- Have you ever said that your life is a dream. In our life we live in this planet earth. Our life has been filled with Happynes and sorrow and death, and war. We all thought that all these feelings come from other humans, but little did we know that all these feelings and conflicts come from our other selves in planet reality.

PLANET REALITY- This planet is a huge planet that is out of the reach of the humans. It is out of our galaxy. The planet is twice the size of the planet earth, and it controls earth. This whole planet is a huge factory that has all the human body in cages….. they are all asleep. All there souls and memories are stored in a computer in the control room. In this control room the people can control everything that happens on earth. For example they can control all the wars that happen, and all the natural disasters. CHRIS- Chris is the main character. He has a normal life and a normal family. He has a wife named Mary and two sons name Joseph, and Andrew. He lives in New York City and he owns a construction company. Andrew is a A+ student, he loves school and he is very responsible. He is 14 years old. Joseph is a rebel, he hates school and he loves to spray paint. He fails school every year, and he has troubles with his pa

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