“THE LEGEND LIVES” by Stephane Fanfan

The hole point of this is a boy who bring hope between two states one called cystnall which mean darkness and another state called fohrj which means light and the boy name is barloc but here is a like the start i wrote IN The begging there was 1 king name Acestes ruled north wilder it was peace placed the king had twins daughters he names the first one leona and the second diana the king had elders the elders seen light in 1 daughter and darkness in the other daughter but the no matter what elders told the king he was not bothered by it he stilled love his daughters no matter what they grow up to witch each other and love one another then 18 more years latter that when it all started the king had gone sick and he knew only one of the daughter could take over the thrones so he called his daughters from a mission and request a new one to see who is worthy of taken over diana think she is go when to be queen for the country but she thought wrong sense everyone favorite was leona she pass all the test the father gave her she was even the strongest then that day in the kingdom before the father pick the new queen something happened with dianna she was full of jealous and she became more powerful then leona for the first time and the dad seen what the elders was talking about the evil power she possessed and leona and diana clash like if they were enemy but it was almost as if they were even leona sacrifices her life for a better future for the people and they both died of low energy so the elders took over and pass a new law sense they seen they evil and good in people hearts they weren’t ready until they are then northwilder can be on again so they divide it in to 2 state and called the west state cystnall and the north fohrj the elder lived in the skies and between them but that day prophecy was written a boy who will bring hope between both state and that prophecy made the cystnall to attack the fohrj and the cystanall won but the prophecy was still here and it couldn’t be destroy sense then the cystnall eliminate all elders and killed any fohr that was left behind they took them and if did not fallow there rules they were execute but some fohrj fought and execute them thousand years past and the two was not together people tried so many time but it did not work one day hope will come.  the-legend-live
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