“Lead with Love and Peace: It’s What the World Needs Now!” by Michael Rochelle

There are many ways to manage and even more to lead. In this review of leadership articles by the longtime leadership facilitator, speaker, management consultant and author, Mike Rochelle shares his heart for leading with love and embracing peace as the normative operating procedure in all roles of life.Join Mike on a 5 year journey through Society for Information Management (SIM) Leadership Nuggets, the serially published leadership thought piece that Mike created, authored and published now in its sixth season. From observed styles of Leadership luminaries such as Dick Dooley, Founder of SIM and SIM Regional Leadership Forum (RLF), Darwin John, former Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints Chief Information Officer(CIO) and retired United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) CIO and dozens of other giving leaders during sixteen years of annual leadership forums for SIM RLF; scores of leadership books, hundreds of changed lives of participants and personal experience with the good, bad and ugly of leaders in his own 49 years of life, Mike resonates with 12 observed virtues of management/leadership that will open your heart to change and begin your personal journey to possibility.Great managers and leaders are servant leaders, establish organizational virtues/values, evolve groups to joint vision, enroll their people on a journey, innovate, utilize REAL communication, and are strength based, set a high bar for excellence, enable their organizations, insist on 100% ownership of solution and are customer/partner results focused. These and other topics will be explored through a variety of creative vignettes from every day life that will help you take a second look at the mundane to find value in every human interaction.You will see your God, yourself and your family, your people and community for the precious gift that they are, and you will be enroll yourself on a lifetime journey of learning and change… all in the name of Love.  The Spring of a Renewed Life
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