‘landay echo’ By Brian Lynch

Delaram Durrani is not a terrorist. A refugee and college graduate, she is a career do-gooder. As a child of the Pashtun tribe in Gareshk, she hid in the bushes to listen to women recite their landays by the Helmand River – early lessons of violence and hardship; songs about sex, revenge and anger.
She’s been maimed by a drone strike and loses an arm. Philanthropy is no longer her concern. She enlists the help of wealthy Russians criminals, opium traders, corrupt Afghans, Pakistani bandits who traffic the old spice trade routes. Millions in foreign aid destined for Afghanistan is stolen. A plan is hatched. Then she longs for a man she met years ago, an American military officer named Dylan Corey. Several thousand miles later, aboard five yachts, they enter the Caribbean. Her love is in Miami – they plan to reunite. She plans to execute a brilliant attack and kill thousands with drones, he will be tasked to stop her. Neither knows the actions of the other. Delaram is troubled by dreams of young girls to whom she was an idol. She kills her mentor and tries to stop the attack, which is already underway. Corey and his men are alerted – they respond. The attack is ceased, but not before extensive damage is done. Corey is badly wounded and Delaram escapes, never making it to Miami.

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