‘JUNGLE’ By Alan Berkshire

The black dust fell for over a week engulfing Wellingham, a small London suburb. Buckingham Avenue was cut off. Communications non-existent. Then came the storms, for two days torrential rain fell washing away the black dust. They thought it was just freak weather. Adam Blake, a seasoned survivalist expert finds himself the reluctant leader of the streets residents. Food is scarce, no emergency services, they are on their own. Then came the vines, blue/black, sickly purple, voraciously growing anywhere there was earth, sentient, armed with lethal venomous thorns. Martial law is invoked. Ignoring the evacuation orders Adam goes in search of a lost friend. He is attacked by a mob of creatures in Denford Park, Creeps. In a delirium he awakes in The Block, once a residential home now a fortress in the center of a hostile city. Realizing the vines will overwhelm them Adam decides the survivors need to relocate. Meeting with an army patrol Adam learns of an insane plan, Operation Inferno, its remit, to firebomb the city, eradicating the vines. Horrified Adam realizes time had run out, so have his choices.

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