‘Into the Furnace – A Brief History of the British National Party and my Journey Through the Winning Years. 2002 – 2012’ By Julian Leppert

Into the Furnace is my political memoir chronicling the history of the British National Party from its 1982 inception, though focussing mainly upon the years in the sub-title. Five years in the writing, the book includes extended quotes and anecdotes from most of the party’s biggest names from the era, together with the foreword written by the late Richard Edmonds. As a former BNP district councillor, two-time parliamentary and London mayoral candidate I have a high profile in nationalist circles myself and I’m currently a councillor on Epping Forest District Council representing the British Democrats. I have already paid for some professional cover artwork but the final draft is currently not quite ready.
I hope you will consider having a look at my project and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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