‘Hall of The Dead ‘ By James Palfi

Synopsis for The Hall of The Dead

There are a number of realms, The timeless and in-between realms, the abyss, the underworld, the surface world, limbo, purgatory and heaven. There is a lot of magical beings from different magical systems like The Supreme One, Lucifer, Zeus from Greek Mythology, etc. ‘All the myths are true.’

There are transcedents, the most magical of humans that have an ability to flit between realms and left unchecked this could destroy the universe. Eve the first human outside of Adam is tasked with identifying these transcedents and sending them to The Abyss.
Meanwhile there is power shifts in the heavens with The Supreme One trying to hold onto power and

powerful beings like Lucifer trying to become even more powerful. Possibility of a cold war. Just here it is not nuclear but magical.

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