“Grandma’s Teeth and Aunt Gret’s Eyes” by Daniel Anderson

We have an in laws suite behind our house that my wife’s grandmother was living in. My three boys were out back playing and decided to go and visit Grandma unannounced. Minutes later I heard my youngest Son screaming and crying so I ran over to see what was wrong. I found my four year old son sitting on her toilet crying. I tried to console him and asked what was wrong. He said that Grandma reached into the bathroom door and took her teeth out of a cup on the sink and put them in her mouth. He was traumatized by this and I don’t think he will ever forget it. Days later while visiting my Dad my son’s were telling him about what happened. He said that reminds him of Aunt Gret’s eyes. My Dad was in his late sixties at that time and I don’t recall ever hearing about his aunt Gret. I listened as he told my boys how his mother took him to visit his aunt when he was three or four years old. He said he still remembers it as if it were yesterday. He was holding his moms hand as they walked up to his aunts door which was open and the screen door was closed. His aunt was born without eyes but had glass eyes and she had them out for cleaning when his Mom knocked on her door. She was just inside and turned to the door when she heard the knock. He still had a look of fear and horror as he described how you could see into her skull and he hid behind his moms dress and was horrified. Grandma’s teeth suddenly didn’t seem as bad. We all likely have seen things we wish we could unsee. Images that are burned into our memory for a life time. The following are stories and pictures that have left a lasting impression.  Grandma'a teeth and Aunt Gret's eyes
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