‘Give Up Hope And Take Up Smoking: Living Well With A Chronic Condition’ by Keith Kahn-Harris

Do you suffer from a chronic condition for which there is no cure? Are you fed up of the self-discipline required to manage that condition? Are you wondering how to live the rest of your life? Then this book is for you… It stems from my own experience of living with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 20 years. During much of that time, my life was on hold, waiting and hoping to get better. Every day was lived carefully, in a desparate attempt not to overdo it. Then a few years ago, I made a life-changing decision – I gave up hope: I recognized that I will never get better. I’ve done more than given up hope – I’ve embraced vice and indulgence, including smoking. And my life is now fuller and happier. Give Up Hope And Take Up Smoking recounts my own experiences, the lessons I have learned and explains how they can help you. To give up hope of a cure is to embrace life as it is now. To take up smoking or some other vice is to refuse to live a life that grinds you into the dust with its sheer remorseless rationality. This is a self-help book like no other: proud, defiant, hugely irresponsible – and ultimately life-affirming.

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