“The Fate of Nations: F.I.R.E. Team Alpha Book One” by Raymond Chilensky

The Fate of Nations: F.I.R.E. Team Alpha Book OneIn the year 2104, the world is again at war. F.I.R.E Team Alpha, an elite team of genetically enhanced soldiers, is fighting a war to keep mankind from being enslaved by a brutal, authoritarian global government centered the bastardized remains of the European Union. The United States is the only nation that remains free and sovereign. Patriots from all of the nations that have been conquered and stripped of their sovereignty have fled to the United States to fight alongside American forces and win back their countries and their cultures. After raging for thirteen years the Sovereignty War threatens to drive humanity to extinction. Led by Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Carter, Team Alpha is sent to Brussels, Belgium along with three other F.I.R.E. teams on a potentially suicidal mission to cripple the military command center of the global government. Carter’s wife, Monica, is the leader of F.I.R.E. Team Delta, which is sent on and equally dangerous mission to destroy a back-up command bunker in the Northern Ural Mountains. If they succeed, a multinational invasion force made up of Americans and displaced patriots from all over the world will storm the shores of Europe and smash the global government. If they fail, mankind may never know freedom again. As his team prepares for the mission, Carter discovers that there are factions among the leadership United States’ and its allies that are profiting from the wartime state of emergency the United States is currently under and may not want the mission to succeed, or for the war to end. Worse, the world’s corporations, having financially engorged themselves with thirteen years of wartime profiteering, work to support the war efforts of both sides of the conflict while preventing either side from achieving victory. After parachuting into Belgium, the team has an unexpected skirmish with an enemy patrol before joining with a cell of underground resistance fighters that have been fighting a guerrilla style insurgency against the global government in Belgium. Team Alpha must live and work with the underground cell in the days leading up to the attack on the Brussels facility. The relationship with the underground unit is severely strained when Carter is forced to kill a small child in order to prevent her from alerting the enemy to his team’s presence. After breaking away from the underground unit, Team Alpha rejoins the other F.I.R.E. teams and makes the attack on the Brussels facility while his wife leads a simultaneous assault in the Urals. Despite being betrayed by Pope, Carter and the F.I.R.E. teams destroy their targets and the invasion of Europe begins. Due largely to Pope’s betrayal, half of the F.I.R.E. teams’ members, including Carter’s wife, are killed. Nearly all of those who survive are wounded. The story ends with the Carter resolving to take violent revenge on Pope, find evidence of his treachery, and destroy his memory. The surviving F.I.R.E. team members return to American soil to heal and regroup. fta-new-cov3
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