‘Familiar Tales’ by Stephen Massey

Underlying themes of Jungian philosophy in a fantasy novel about a large group of characters with stories ranging from self discovery to vengeance. The setting is often times in dreamscapes and touches on the oak ful struggle of poverty and self sufficiency in the face of mental illness. The writing would be heavily influenced by David lynch and attempt to create surreal worlds that strike chords in the readers collective unconscious. Interpretations of common elements in dreams experienced by the characters and shared by most every one are then left to the reader. Through the course of the story the individual characters become more intertwined. Their individual conflicts begin to play roles that develop the ultimate conflict in the story, a person whose self awareness threatens to end all life. The antagonist is a child who has gained immortality and is murdering everyone in the world. His name is oui bei. The protagonist is a self proclaimed private eye who. specializes in the supernatural, James. He witnesses 3 woman attempting to murder or save the immortal boy, and in attempting to discover the truth of why ends up discovering the truth of what. In the end characters including James reach a point of self realization and become healthy whole individuals.

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