‘The Fallen: Chains of Fire (Book One)’ by Monica Fowler

Since she was a kid, Marie Mitchell has been plagued with dreams of foreign lands, visions of another period in time and floating handwriting that appears from nowhere, but none of it made sense. Not until she bumped into the new guy at school, Brenton Kane, which started a chain of events that was prophesied before they were born. Once Brenton enters her life, she feels she can’t live without him, and he makes it clear that he can’t live without her. Marie quickly finds out they are connected more than she realizes; especially since she can communicate with him through her thoughts and physically feel his pain. Through Brenton, her true identity is finally revealed and a destiny that was preordained long ago. They are a part of an elite race, called the Elyos, hiding in plain sight, among mankind. Descendants of the Fallen Angels from Biblical times, part angel and part mortal, Marie finds out she has the power to control fire, as can her new-found friend, Brenton. But in order for her to utilize her power, she must first unlock the memories her mom secretly had shielded from her when she was two months old. She is on the learning fast track because someone is killing off the descendants, one by one, and trying to free the leader of the Fallen, Azazel; who is dead set on releasing the other fallen angels and taking over the world. Can she learn sixteen years worth of training in a month? Or stop herself from falling in love with another descendant, when she knows its forbidden and punishable by death? Can Marie and Brenton ban together and defeat the enemies who plan on taking them out before they succeed in saving the world? All these questions remain unanswered as she struggles to understand who she is and who she was meant to be.
The Fallen: Chains of Fire (Book One)
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