‘Everything Led To This’ by Jerry Harris

A guy is in a 6 year relationship with his high school sweet heart. She convinces him to give up a full ride to a D1 college for baseball and a chance at the MLB to come to her college. He gets injured at her college and can no longer play baseball. He joins the Army out of spite and to do something for himself. Year six things get ruff with distance. He proposes hoping it’d fix it. He calls off the engagement with advice from a married coworker who was plotting to sleep with him. Once he finds out he stops talking to her and begins drinking. He signs up for a 6 months deployment and misses 4 holidays and 4 family members passing and drinks more. He meets a Filipino beauty who is a coworker and happens to be married. She apologized in advance for breaking his heart thinking nothing would come of it. They get serious and make love. They can’t live without each other. She won’t leave her husband for another man. She asks him to let her go and don’t get married. If it’s meant to be it will work out she says. 6 months later he receives a call that she asked for a divorce and said she loved him. He said I never stopped loving you. They get married have kids and have been together 10 years now.

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