‘Different Worlds ‘ By Maddie Green

The year was 4035 when a giant earth quake snapped the world in half, it slowly begin to cave into itself. Heptapods (spaceships that fit 10-15) kids, begin to ship kids of the age of 10 to 14 into space to a different planet called Lillon TZ8. This planet is able to sustain life but the Co2 level is very high (this cause symptoms like rashes and boils on the skin) The kids were force to separate from their parents and leave them to die on earth. Any kid that restrain would be killed by a Quakebot (Robot of AI). Quakebots would then erase the kids memories so they had no knowledge of Earth before they brought them to live on Lillon. Lillon TZ8 could only hold 200 kids so once this number was reach the Quakbots would kill any remaining human on crumbling Earth….

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