‘I am Diamond’ by Jessica Matthews

She wasn’t a strong element, but she was very social, making strong bonds with pretty much every element. Then, there were those who did not get along; Magnesium and Iron. They were constantly binding together -starting fights that resulting in their emit doom. When two polar elements combine, their whole structure becomes unstable and degrades upon impact. Other elements believed Mg and Fe to be on the stupider side; they always caused wars that led to nothing but their own death. Battles between the groups were usually announced, and became amusing. However, pressure between the sides was escalating far above the Alkaline- Earth and Transition Metal Leader’s knowledge. Wars were becoming harder and harder to control. A small battle erupted, unannounced, right when Carbon just happened to be in their midst. She was pushed past the outer Lithosphere through a vent. Those that exit the outer mantle were never seen again. She could feel her life slowly being sucked away from low temperatures. Suddenly, before going into the light, she was pushed into a pocket where the magma just gushed into her, holding her against the wall. When it stopped, instead of freezing and shattering, she crystallized. She became the rarest form of Carbon -Diamond. Because of this, she was still alive.

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