‘The Deceitful Heart’ by Robert Godfrey

Sgt. Travers is a man who has committed his entire being to a life of service. He first served his country valiantly as a Navy Seal Sniper. During Sgt. Travers deployment to combat terrorism, he lost his wife and daughter to a drunk driver. The never ending guilt he feels not being able to protect his family from harm’s way. This pain led Sgt. Travers to now serve his community as a Homicide Detective. He receives the call one night to investigate the execution style murder of a new and upcoming Miami DJ known as DJ Ice. Yet, this is not going to be like any case he has ever investigated before. Sgt. Travers finds that this case is completely entwined with his past that needed to remain buried. Det. Peterson, his partner, begins to wonder if he is not the one who committed the murder, or is he covering up the murder for his celebrity ex-girlfriend, Samantha Jamison. Who has her own secrets to hide. There are those who believe that Sgt. Travers has become the evil that he is trying repel in his quest for justice. When a man of honor such as Sgt. Travers finds himself bound by a promise. While sworn to protect and serve the community. What direction will he take? Will his path lead to one of justice, or down a very dark road leading to vengeance?

The Deceitful Heart book cover

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