‘Dead End Drive’ by Melissa Rose Bushey

Izzy and John, are having marriage woes, when John decides to surprise Izzy by taking her to their Vermont home. Izzy thought the idea was romantic and she was excited to rekindle the spark that left the marriage. However, as they settled down for the evening, Izzy woke up and couldn’t find her husband anywhere. That is until she walks into the garage and catches John screwing his mistress.

John and his mistress tie up Izzy with the intention of killing her. However, all hell breaks loose when Izzy is able to get free from the knife she had in her bag and stabs the mistress.

Izzy runs off and hides under the bed. John comes in and looks for her, but he can’t locate her. She heard him mutter something under his breath, and she decides to slash his Achilles tendon in both ankles. He falls to the floor.

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