‘Dark Muse’ by philip mann philip mann

The book opens on a winter night by a deserted canal. A man named Mark has called a mentor/friend named Vi Gold to help him out of his frustration. She arrives and sees that he is at the end of his rope. She casts a spell over him by means of her aura. This causes him to walk onto the ice, where he falls through and drowns. Vi is devastated and begins her long walk home. On the way she meets Cal, who tries to console her. They become friends and soon lovers, although Vi does not reveal her true nature and the danger she is to him. WE meet another muse named Lee as she tutors an artist. She is used to her role and its deadly side, in contrast to Vi, who hates it Next we meet Rabbi Yossel jacobs a Hassidic rabbi who collects ancient manuscripts as a hobby. He inadvertently discovers the role both Vi Gold and Lee Marvin play, and indirectly pays a heavy price for that knowledge. In this book, the muse is a paranormal being, with the Divine duty of both inspiring the gifted, but also helping them end their own lives when they crash and burn. Vi finds love, but with Lee she can be who she is without fears or judgment. But Lee is callous where Vi is caring. Their relations, both with each other and the world drives this series. i

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