“The Crystellian Mistress” by squita conway-jones

Just imagine being able to access a different dimension by just altering a small portion of time. First you must meet the requirements. What are these requirements you may ask, no one knows but, if you do manage to meet them by chance, you will be able to access a city or empire if you will completely different from the world that we’ve grown to know. Stand before a grandfather clock after somehow meeting these requirements and wait for the second hand to hit that millisecond between 12 and 1 and watch as a portal will ripple before your eyes, be warned, you have just broken one of various laws in the Crystellian Empire. Here you may see unbelievable creations, things that are far more advanced then what mankind has got to offer. In the walls of the Crystellian Empire lurks a greedy king and a righteous yet pure princess. Her only wish is to visit the outside world, outside of her kingdom and various galaxy’s that connect to hers but her father forbids it. One day, on a day of the burial ritual, the princess snuck away from the kingdom and out to our dimension. Once here, she found out that we lacked in technology, she learned that we were still using fossil fuels and gasoline to power our cars, electricity to power our homes and causing a great amount of harm to Earth in the process. During the little bit of time she spent in our dimension she used this time to persuade our people into making a change for the better, power our buildings with water and solar panels instead of unnatural fuels. Use water instead of gasoline for our cars, make it so that the planet was more energy efficient, healthy, and strong. She even had enough time to fall in love. While in our dimension, the princess fell in love with a butcher’s son whose name we shall not speak of. The young man’s devilishly handsome looks and his muscles is what got the best of our young princess, but the love doesn’t stop there. His personality is what she yearned for, but that’s for a different story. The young man noticed her as well but played it cool so that she didn’t know.
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 Time passed, a few weeks to be exact, before the princess finally built up the courage to talk to the young man. At first she was too shy to speak but, after a moment or two she came out and introduced herself. The young man smiled as he caressed her hand and gently kissed it. While exchanging smiles and getting to know one another, the princess realized, she had to keep her real identity a secret. A month has passed before the young man asked to meet the princess’ parents, but she lied and told the young man that she hadn’t any parents it was just her and her pet cat fluffles. The young man felt sorry for the princess and insisted that she’d stay with him and his father. Without any hesitation, she agreed and followed the young man home after he finished with work. At this point, four months had passed and in the Crystellian Empire the king was growing furious. His young daughter has been gone for too long. He arranged to engage in an all-out war against all dimensions if his daughter didn’t turn up soon but, the princess and her love had no idea the danger that they’ve put themselves in to. Alas, a year had passed and the young lovers vowed never to leave one another, there bond was greater than that of a thousand kings. They would take their own lives before they would let anyone tear them apart. That was something that they had to prove, together. The sky’s darkened, thunder crashed and a portal warped in the sky. A man of platinum descended from the sky and landing in front of the two lovers. The armored warrior removed his helmet. The king. He came to take back his princess but, before he left, he made sure to strike fear in to the heart of the young man but the young man stood strong watching as the king took away his love. Months have passed before the young man finally got to see his love again. She appeared from a portal, the same portal that the king arrived in. In a hurry she asked for the young man to follow her for her father had arranged a marriage within her absence. Infuriated, the young man followed the princess in to the portal and to a world that he never knew existed. He watched in awe as the many people walked by, he didn’t mine the strange looks that the people gave him. They ran to the palace gates, the princess demanded that they open the gates but they just couldn’t allow an outsider to go beyond this point. Luckily the princess knew another way in to the palace. Beyond the side gates was a small hole that one of the guardians accidently put in to the wall. Once they were beyond the gate the princess knew what she was putting herself in to but it was love, she couldn’t be without him. They ran through the twisting halls and in to the grand hall where the princess and her true love came face to face with her fiancé and the king. She stood her grounds and told her father that she was in love and he was the one she wished to spend the rest of her life with. The king, in a fit of rage, had the guards seize the young man and the princess placing them under arrest. They were to be placed under judgment the following morning. Fear struck the princess’ heart for she knew what was to occur the next day. The young man comforted her, letting her know that he was there for her, but it didn’t work. She knew that the two of them were in danger and there was nothing she could do. Moments that were spent together would be lost once the sun broke through the darkened sky, once the first winder bird sang, there bond would be forever broken, love forever torn, what else could she do she thought. She lied awake, watching her young lover sleep, the beads of sweat on his face was shimmering in the shallow moon light. Her heart ached as she continued to watch over him. Deep in her heart she was wondering if there was a way to save the two of them. She plotted, planned and nit-picked every detail. “This may just work.” She thought. The morning sun arose and the guards were at the cell awaiting the king’s arrival. She knew what she had to do, less than an hour remained before her plan could go into effect. She slowly counted down, caressing the love of her life for the final few moments. The king burst through the door grabbing the young boy by his hair, dragging him down the corridor. The princess’ heart raced as she watched, waiting for the guards to turn and leave. Moments passed before they finally opened the cell. “You’re next.” She darted out of the door, down the hall and in to the forbidden alter chamber. There rested the massive Gortons heart, a heart that has rested underneath the castle sense the dawn of time. This heart was used for sacrificing and passing judgment onto those who do wrong. The heart glowed with an in vigorous red glow, it angered in the sight of the young man. “Who brought this human garbage here?” The king came forth to explain what was going on. “No more explaining, I have already passed judgment.” The heart glowed, a man descended from the heart, odd cords connecting to the outer most parts of his body. She knew it was time, she ran to his aid stopping the hearts true form from landing his final blow. “Who are you?” The Gorton heart asked as he backed away. The princess stood tall and fearless, she was ready for the danger that was ahead. “I’m Princess Genevieve, the daughter of the king and the next to take the thrown.” The heart laughed. “You, child, you choose to stand before me with this rubbish, you know the law and this humans life is what I will be taking.” The Gorton hearts true form went to swing in on the young man but, before he knew it, the princess was holding the young man, shielding him from the wrath of Gorton. “What is this?” The princess stood, she starred Gorton’s heart in his human eyes. “My undying love for this man is more than you could ever imagine. If you wish to kill him, feel free for I will take death alongside him. We have been through hell and back just to see one another. I will dethrone myself, if that means being able to love who I wish to love.” The hearts true form stopped and starred at the princess, baffled. He began to laugh. “This pathetic human is your long lost lover? Is this what you’re telling me?” The princess nodded as she watched the form step closer. “I shall let him live under one condition.” He said softly. The princess was growing more and more anxious with the heart. With a smile, the heart declared the young man his freedom as long as he gets purified. Also, he would not be able to go back to Earth. The young man looked fearful but, with a love struck heart, he took these boundaries into consideration and left it as that. The two got happily married and went on to rule the Crystellian Empire with an iron, but kind fist. Although, after twenty years passed, everything changed.This is just the beginning, the Crystellian Mistress goes into depth about a 16 year old who finds out about her back story, where she really came from and the power that she has had bottled up for many years. Ryu, her long awaited lover and her two crazy best friends fight by her side to fend off the evil that has taken over her empire.



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