‘Convicted for Life: Growing up without my Sperm Donor’ by C Everett

I grew up in a single family household, my mom worked three jobs to support us. She struggled to raise three children on an income that kept us in poverty.My sperm donor, I knew who he was but never had a relationship with him and I can count the amount of intereactions I had with him as child. As I got older I found myself dating men that I later found out was just like my deadbeat father. I was malested from the age of 6 to 10 and struggled with that my whole life. What I felt during that time was helplessness not good enough for my own father to love me but for a teenage boy to continuously violate me.I hated my self for unknown reasons but because I knew hurt so well it started to comfort me. Through the bad relationships, the domestic violence and me reaching my breaking at the end of a ledge I found peace. I finished college, I went on to graduate school and I encouraged girls like me to fight through the pain, because I had already experienced what being safe and happy meant.No more hiding from the men who chased me, no more loking for love in al the wrong places,no more letting people take away my freedoms and telling me that I am worthless.My father and I have a relationship that came 20 years later that started during his life sentence.He claims he is innocent,not

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