‘Compromise’ By Leah Slippy

An electromagnetic “psychic field” has brought about a form of world peace that has never been seen before.
There are no chip implants needed to be apart a psychic. It is simply a privilege they get for being human. Using the electromagnetic waves to pass messages from person to person has limited the need for verbal communication and has put an end to language barriers because the software can translate messages.
The downside is that words can affect the frequencies that messages are sent. Brains are also very susceptible things and when someone wishes bodily harm to them it sends a message for their brain to simply shut down.
In a future where the world is at peace, Mercedes life falls short of being peaceful. Every country has been unified as one race, human. She is the oldest of three girls and was disowned by her parents as a child. Since then, her she has been adopted by her best friend Atlas’ family.
She finds herself in constant internal conflict with who she is and her action become erratic and reckless. When she learns about her parents and what has really been going on under the so-called “reign of peace” she is faced with an impossible decision and struggles to find where her loyalties should lie.

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