‘Clutter in my Closet’ By Brendon Holden

Jill is an average young girl, or at least she thinks she is, never recalling the pain she buried deep inside, presenting herself to be flawless.
During a pandemic, she helps some of her newer friends escape the sickness happening on the outside world—and in doing so she uncover some new things about the new mansion her family just moved into.
Bizarre things begin to take place within the mansion, including traveling to other realms within the closets—of the mansion; some she goes on by herself and some her friends experience with her. On one of these journeys, she meets a critter named Clutter that begins to threaten her and her friends, saying, “I will burn down your house.”
She, her siblings, and friends must stop Clutter and save their fortune—to have a family and normal life once again.

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