“From Christina to Ada” by Ada Shaker

My name was once Christina Stewart but now it is Ada Isadora Shaker and this is my story. For the last 25 years of my life I have had to fight against the woman who brought me into this world. As a child I had to hide my younger siblings from her because she tried to kill us on many occasions. I was about 10 when I had to hide my younger sister and brother in a closet when she came at us with a butcher knife. When she would raise a hand to strike my brother or sister I would get in front of them and take the hit myself. I caught her attempting to drown my little sister on four different occasions. More recently about 3-4 months ago she lied on me to the police and got me put in a psychiatric unit for 11 days I tried to tell the doctors that she lied on me but they called me bi-polar and manic and put me on drugs that made me sick…I told them the drugs made me sick but they told me it was in my head and that the drugs were good for me. After I got out I pulled myself off the medication and went to live with the woman that raised me. I then attempted to give my biological mother another chance because what girl doesn’t want to believe that their mother loves them but again she lied on me to the police and I was put back in the same unit for another 11 days and again I was sick from the medication they tried to put me on. She then got a court ordered protection order against me and got emergency custody of my baby who she threatened to murder and I believe she has molested him because she did it to my brother & myself and my family said the signs of abuse were there when they saw him last. So I had no choice but to get a protection order against her and suggest that she receive mental help. Although I was granted my protection order Dwan (My biological mother) was granted emergency custody of my son because I didn’t fight her attorney hard enough to get a custody document submitted into court. In the judges order it stated that I am allowed phone calls, skype, face time, and visits with my son. When I called her to check on him or speak to him she hung up on me then told the police I was violating my own protection order. When I went to court to fight it I was arrested before I could go before the judge. when I got out of Jail none of my family was there to get me…this guy offered me a ride..he kept saying what a godly man he is and how he just likes to help people…I didn’t trust him but I let him give me a ride to this motel where I spent the night..he was flirting with me the entire time even though I told him I’m engaged, he came in to the motel room with me and spent over an hour trying to get me to have sex with him…he even decided to pick me up at one point…I finally got him to leave and the next day he took me to my grandpa’s house who then took me home. My name change came about because I don’t want to be associated with my American name…and honestly I can’t stand the fact that I was born in America…I find most people selfish..simple minded and greedy and I don’t like it they seem to have no morals and just think they have the right to do whatever they want but they never concern themselves with what is morally right, you shouldn’t hurt someone just because you can…you shouldn’t kill someone just because you can…you shouldn’t lie just because you can…it’s wrong and I can’t stand it anymore…this is not the nation our ancestors had in mind.  From-Christina
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