‘Brooke’s Angel’ By Maya Berlyavsky

Brooke is a high school student living with her parents in a small apartment.
They have little but she dreams big.
Her parents does not get along with each other.
They fight all day.
However, Brooke is determined to finish her studies successfully. She is also studying voice development – Brooke wants to be a singer.
Then an angel, who came from above to protect her, came to her rescue.
They have a long conversetion about the meaning of life and questions like “Who am I” and “Where am I going to”. They
talk about love and death, about heaven or hall, good or evil.
Brooke can see love as the only cure of the mess in her house. But she can’t find the anwer.
Together the two of them embark on an adventure.
Brooke finds herself in a garden of roses, along with her gurdian angel in a bright sunny day. Her future self is talking to her. She meets the people who are in her life, that are there for her. Brooke sees her past and future options in a big screen then she decides to go and fight for what is important to her.
Will Brooke’s dream to become a famous singer come true?

Is there life after death? Will we ever meet again our loved ones who passed away? Is it all true?
Does angels exist? Is God real?
Is there something more in all of this then human eyes can see? The sixth sense

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