“Broken Constellations” by Kendell White

Tim Blackwiedler, a senior at Brown High School, is used to being bullied. It’s really nothing new to him. Every since his father walked out of Tim’s school play in sixth grade and never returned, he has been the butt of constant ridicule. Bullied on social media and even worse in between classes, he is withdrawn and labeled weird and an outcast, unwanted by his peers and even worse, his own father. Even though he is an only child, Tim hardly gets to see his mom. Determined to not be left alone again, Tim’s mom constantly allows the men in her life to come before Tim, who in turn, has become withdrawn and clinically depressed. He gets through the days by stretching and self-medicating with his anxiety medicine and video games. Growing up as the son of two pentecostal preachers in the south, senior Brian Parker has always been expected to “have it all together”. Captain of the varsity wrestling team, with both athletic and academic scholarships lined up for him, Brian seemingly has the ideal life. Blessed and cursed with an extremely high IQ and hyper sensitive empathetic disorder, Brian finds it hard to blend in with many cliques at school and he relents to be a loner by choice. Granted with an unprecedented internship and lab at the local Research Campus, his dreams of revolutionizing the field of neuroscience and behavioral therapy keeping him motivated and away from the common teenage dramas. After a hazing incident in the school bathroom one October afternoon nearly leaves Tim dead, Tim has had enough- he will have his revenge on everyone who hurt him.
Broken Constellations
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What seems like a “chance” bump in the hallway that fateful October afternoon escalates into a confrontation where Brian, (unbeknowest how to Tim) uncovers Tim’s murderous plot. After obtaining proof that his name isn’t on the list, Brian becomes conflicted inside, sensing Tim’s deep pain and is torn. If he turns Tim in, Tim will sit in prison while his attackers continue to inflict harm and scar others… Believing that he can truly help him, Brian offers Tim the opportunity to learn the mastery over human emotions and the steps to forgiveness. Moved by the unfamiliar show of compassion, Tim agrees to postpone if not totally abandon his vengeful plot and an interesting bond cultivates between the two of them as they set out to find the answers to the questions that spurn their plans and dreams. Can a person truly change and re write the outcome of their life? Who is to be held responsible for pain and suffering? And what is the reason for their existence? As the boys get closer and closer to discovering the answers to these and their other burning questions, what they find will shake them to their core. Will Tim be able to overcome his insecurities and learn to forgive and trust again? Will Brian be able to fend off his inner demons long enough to help Tim learn to master his emotions? Or will Tim’s mistrust and unforgiveness prove too much for even Brian? Can we change who we are and what we have become if our life depended on it? Or will Tim’s unforgiveness and Brian’s deep dark family secret stretch his empathetic abilities to their breaking point, sending both Tim and Brian spiraling into a emotional typhoon that will rip through their lives and rock the small city to it’s very foundations. Broken Constellations is a deep dark, twisting tale of revenge and hope, domestic violence, unforgiveness, compassion, and the true, intense overwhelming power of our emotions. Based on true events by new author Reece, Broken Constellations will leave you with questions about love, life existence the human nature that will linger with you long after you put the book down.



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