‘The Bridge’ by Lisa Glenn

Annie Hughes has a secret, a secret that has kept her from making friends and having fun. From the time she was born, she was different. Annie was told she is blessed and they were a gift from God, yet she was told to never speak of them to anyone. Never show anyone, and never let them out. She was born with a growth on her back which grew into wings. Not the angel variety, nor the fairy kind, but instead the bird kind. At the age of fifteen, an army of Gryphons are sent to retrieve her. She is the chosen one, to guard the bridge into the other worlds and to keep the Arimaspians away. The only problem? She is a teenager and has been kept sheltered from the world. The leader and strongest of their kind, A mythical creature, one of the chosen, Gaylen, takes on the chore of teaching her how to fight and protect the golden bridge which lies in a mountain pass called, Pasul Prislop, in the Carpathian Mountains. From a shy and meek young woman, she transforms into a great warrior, a Gryphon fighter.

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