‘Braxley’ By Allison Miller

Braxley Tomlinson has made some bad choices in his life, causing him to get pulled into the alternate realm of Emily, a world for lost souls seeking redemption with no idea of how to get it on their own. Braxley trusted his unfaithful wife wouldn’t cheat again after learning the girl he raised and loved isn’t his biologically. Once he finds out he is to be exiled from her for five years, he is given a job working on a machine for the mayor who is imposing and shrewd. This machine controls the algorithm that lets people in and out every five years. He gets it running to have it let in a dog that leads him to a girl in distress. After learning about weak spots and open areas in the dome where he outside world is visible, a chance meeting with his daughter seals his determination to get out of this world. On the other side, his daughter, Sasha, has learned the truth about her parents and her mother, Avery has moved her away from her childhood home and removed every memory of him. Sasha befriends he neighbor, Stacey and starts up a cleaning service. When a teenager needs help to cover up a wild party, he rewards Sasha with Pizza Hut coupons. Once there, Sasha looks into the eyes of a man she knows is her father. Braxley fights to be reunited with Sasha before she forgets him.

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