“Blast Off – The Rise of India in Outsourcing” by M. A. Arun

The most improbable tech revolution of our times…How did India, grappling with gut-wrenching poverty and an ageing socialist economy, throw up a game-changing high-tech industry?What turned the country into a vacuum cleaner that relentlessly sucked jobs from the West?In India, tech seeds were sown in the 1960s, way ahead of their time. The tender sapling, which came out languished for decades, braving many who tried to strangle it at birth. Starting mid ‘90s, a series of unforeseen events came together to trigger an outsourcing tsunami, which fell on the country with all its ferocity. The Indian software companies, already jaded by the long marathon, were caught clueless. But in a stunning show of adrenaline they learnt to surf the Godzilla-size waves in real time, just as it swept in. They gate-crashed the multi-billion dollar outsourcing industry, disinfected it with sunlight and brought down the prices. They engineered history’s largest transfer of white collar jobs, forced the entrenched MNCs to mimic them and raised cities like Bangalore. But the peculiar nature of their trade, the hostility it provoked and the ever-changing tech landscape would never give them a moment of rest. They would always engage in a high-speed chase, blasting through steep curves, any of which could derail them any moment. This is a story of an extraordinary transformation…told as it happened… step by step or misstep.    blast_off-cover
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