“Billionaire’s Love” by Elizabeth White


A force pushed her against the wall, his body crashed into hers, her hand pushed against his chest. His chest was smooth, and his leans muscle was hard as a rock. His vibrant eyes looked at her. He leaned closer to her. She can feel his breath on her skin. He glided his tongue against her lower cheek, then to her neck. She screamed, her body quivering under his touch. She felt the lips on her neck stopped moving. “I am sorry, baby. Did I scare you?” Regret in his voice. …. “Lucas I missed you.” She said longingly “Me too.” Lucas said with his sweet and soft voice. “Ding…Ding…” Her cell phone ringed in the middle of the reunion. She didn’t look at who was the caller. “Hello,” she said. “You seem to be enjoying yourself in another man’s embrace, don’t you?” His voice cold and calm without a trace of feeling. Her eyes widened in horror and shock. She dropped the phone to the floor. …… Ever fantasized of having a cute, innocent, doll like boy to play with, doing whatever you want with him? The only problem is the dominating, controlling, omnipotent, and possessive billionaire. …. Ali Luna was heartbroken after she broke up with her billionaire boyfriend, but she didn’t know that was just the beginning.Just as when she was going to fall in love with a new person, he had to come back again.
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